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Technical Edge was founded in 1985 to satisfy the tremendous demand for assistance that developed when computers became a necessary tool to succeed in business.

Incorporating computers into your operation requires much more than simply purchasing and installing the machines. We strive to bridge the gap between the human aspect of your company and the technical side.

Getting the Edge

Our consultants will work to understand your individual situation, prepare an efficient plan, and see that every aspect of that plan is completed. By getting personally involved through the entire process, we also develop a dependable relationship with you (our client) which adds to the future security of your business' computer operations.

The result is a successful and efficient incorporation of technology into your operations - a Technical Edge over your competition.

Your Business

It is not possible to effectively incorporate technology into a business' operations without a good understanding of the business. At Technical Edge, our first priority will be to learn your operations and where technology can be applied to simplify a process.

We explore solutions from a management perspective, an employee perspective, and a technical perspective. An evaluation of the complete overall picture allows us to more accurately develop a plan for system analysis and integration. This eliminates wasteful equipment purchase and development time.

Your Hardware

Our consultants have the necessary experience to understand all the options available for design and installation of the hardware system needed in your business.

Our thorough knowledge of computers, storage systems, monitors, printers, networks, back-up systems, and even ergonomics will be an added advantage gained by your company. We constantly research and investigate new technologies to ensure your business maintains the Technical Edge over your competition.

Your Software

Our consultants are also highly skilled in applying the appropriate software systems to your hardware. We offer a wide variety of software for sale. If current software is not available to satisfy your needs, we can modify existing programs, or develop custom software specifically designed to best serve your individual applications.

By becoming personally involved with your operations during development, we are able to tailor software to seamlessly work into your operations. Poorly matched software and hardware can nullify your whole effort; we strive to protect your investment and ensure the gains to your business far outreach the initial investment.

Your Training

The most important key to successful implementation of technology is people. We understand the tremendous importance of a well trained staff and always include proper instruction into our solutions. By personally working with your staff as the systems are developed, we are able to provide the training needed to give your staff an accurate understanding of their full potential using the Technical Edge.

Our Service

We stress the importance of the relationship we build during the integration of technology into your company. After the initial stages, Technical Edge remains committed to helping you realize the full potential of your new investment, and seeing that your technical operations grow along with your company.

Our consultants are available by phone, modem, or on-site to provide a timely solution to any problems or questions that you may have. This long term support and commitment is your true Technical Edge.