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John A. Ibbotson

John is Vice President of Operations which encompasses software development, hardware technologies and consulting services. John joined Technical Edge, Inc. in November of 1986. Previously John had worked for General Motors Service Parts Organization for eleven years which included two years with Electronic Data Systems (EDS). His career development at GM/EDS included Systems Controls, Computer Operations and System Engineer - Business Programming. During this period John completed several advanced courses in IBM Mainframe technologies and program development strategies.

John's technical skills have been further expanded at Technical Edge, Inc. in the personal computer market. He is proficient in designing, writing and implementing software solutions using xBase languages as well as integrating many commercial software application packages. He has received technical training in local area networking including Novell Netware, Artisoft Lantastic, Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft NT and has installed networking solutions in all of these platforms. Using his technical skills for consulting, John has provided numerous systems analysis' for a variety of software and hardware solutions.

In addition to his technical career development John has attended classes and workshops that have advanced his personal and people skills. These skills are an integral part of the service that John provides for Technical Edge, Inc.